Almost Ready

small, hairy dog

Holy cow! It’s been a month since my first post here. Time flies when you’re busy (and having fun). I have been preparing for the official launch of Free Living Organisms, scheduled for May 1st. I may or may not be totally ready to go then. The suspense is thrilling, isn’t it?

Blender is a remarkable program for creating 3-D models and animation, and it is taking longer than I figured to learn the ropes. Since I probably won’t have my first character, Thatch, ready in time, I have created a simpler version, Li’l Thatch, to fill in. Things are going to be rocky at first, but I am learning so much, and it is starting to come together.

As for exactly what kind of activities will occupy my characters, that is fluid. As I develop them, their personalities partly determine what kinds of ideas they will explore, and what kinds of trouble they will get into. Lots of possibilities; I’m excited about it. Stay tuned.

Photo credit: one of my models, Rey.

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