Production notes:

Hey, nobody knew that a multifaceted animation program could be so complicated. Right? I keep running up against problems for which I haven’t learned the correct tricks. The smarter I get, the more I realize that I don’t know much. It is possible that I would do better to keep to what I know how to do, instead of running ahead to try new things, but what fun is that? Nonetheless, progress is being made.

I am trying to work out the kinks and present new characters, specifically a small dog and an actual (virtual) human being. Yes, the narrator (me) will make an appearance, eventually, as soon as I am satisfied with his looks. That’s assuming I can get the consarned program to do what I tell it to do.


Thatch: The eyes are, um, interesting.

Chiefy: I’m experimenting.

Thatch: Glad to help.
I thought you were working on a new character.

Chiefy: A couple of new ones, plus your fabulous self, of course.

Thatch: Of course.

Chiefy: Anyway, I’m happy to hear you don’t kill things.

Thatch: I didn’t say that. I kill and eat things all the time,
but only things smaller and weaker than I am.

Chiefy: I stand corrected.

Thatch: Humans are strange.

Chiefy: No argument.

Thatch: You get squeamish about killing a cow or a pig, yet it doesn’t bother you to eat “beef” or “pork”

Chiefy: Some of us are vegetarians.

Thatch: Still killing.

Chiefy: But vegetables aren’t sentient.

Thatch: As far as you know. If they were, would you stop eating?
How do you define sentient anyway?
Are chickens sentient?

Chiefy: I… uh… No fair!