Production notes:

I seem to have finally figured out how to apply materials and texture to a model without crashing the program. Blender doesn’t like when you enter things incorrectly. I knew this was not going to be easy, but I didn’t know it was going to be this much fun, or this unpredictable. Seriously, I did not know before today what was going to be in today’s strip.

What is interesting to me is how the characters I create develop lives of their own. I don’t feel like I am the one making up Thatch’s side of the conversation, and I am not completely in control of how he acts or what his opinions are. When Thatch assumes his new body, will that mean his soul has transmigrated? Is this getting spooky? I’m sure there is a psychological explanation for all this. Don’t tell me, though. I don’t want to mess it up.

After I get Thatch up and running, I will come forth with the other characters that are impatiently waiting backstage. So many characters.


Thatch: Interesting location. What’s up, Chiefy?

Chiefy: I brought you here to see the new you.

Thatch: I appreciate the opportunity.

Chiefy: I should warn you, I haven’t done the feathers yet.

Thatch: I’m comfortable with nudity.

Chiefy: And I just roughed in the colors, so…

Thatch: Jeez, just do it already!

Chiefy: I know, it needs a lot of work yet, and

Thatch: No, boss, I’m impressed.
Suit me up!