Getting To It

Comic for 2018-06-10

Production notes:

I am simultaneously working out how to do realistic feathers, learning proper rigging (to enable repositioning), and also creating a new character for Thatch to interact with. Who knew going back to school as an “older adult” would be so challenging?

I have much to learn and create: more characters, backgrounds, and all the details of how to make the whole operation work. In addition, I want to develop a storyline (or storylines) that will captivate the readers. At this early stage, don’t expect to see a well ordered plot that you can follow chronologically from beginning to end.

I have decided to include a script of the current comic, for those who may have trouble seeing the dialogue. This will also make it possible to use a machine translator, for those who struggle with English.


Thatch: This is better – I feel more gallinaceous.

Chiefy: Golly what?

Thatch: Gallinaceous. Like a fowl. From gallus, Latin for “cock”

Chiefy: Ah. So, Thatch, may I ask about your plans for conquering the world?

Thatch: If I told you, I’d have to kill you.

Ha ha, just kidding!

Right now we don’t have to do anything. Our plan is to wait until you destroy yourselves, then swoop in and pick up the pieces.

Chiefy: Unfortunately, that sounds like it might work.

Thatch: It’s unfortunate for you, yes.

Chiefy: Wait. “Our” plan? Who are you coordinating with?

Thatch: Shush. Don’t worry. Just finish up my feathers and keep on doing human stuff

It will all work out