Production notes:

I should be able to finish the body feathers by next week. It’s just a matter of mastering the hair particle system in Blender. No problem.

You may have noticed that Thatch’s eyebrows are missing. That is not a glitch. I just decided to redo them in a different way, rather than adjusting them to Thatch’s replacement body. I could explain the technicalities of what I am doing with them, but I think it would sound way too geeky. They are going to look awesome, trust me.

You can bet this is not Thatch’s last comment on those annoying humans. Stay tuned.


Thatch: I’m back!

Chiefy: I like your new feathers

Thatch: Not bad. My faith in you is mostly restored.
Speaking of fiascos, what’s with your government?

Chiefy: Oh, jeez.
Okay, if you want to open that can of worms, what do you think about immigration?

Thatch: Of humans? I don’t think they should ever emigrate.

Chiefy: What, just stay where we are?

Thatch: Why do humans think they should control 6 out of 7 continents?
And leave the rest of us with Antarctica. That’s fine, if you’re a penguin.
No, you should all go back where you came from.

Chiefy: New Jersey?

Thatch: Africa.