2018-07-16 Feathers

Production notes:

Finally got some decent looking feathers on Thatch. From now on, most of what I do with his appearance will be tweaking details. The next big project is rigging him so he can change poses. He must be getting tired of standing in the same position. Then on to new characters!

I was, in fact, considering using a floating hand in the final frame. I ran out of time. I had to design it from scratch. It’s not like I have spare parts lying around. I will eventually have hands and feet and other body parts, hopefully all attached in a meaningful way.


Thatch: I have to say, Boss, I was a little worried you wouldn’t get my feathers done before winter.

Chiefy: You and me both, buddy.
All that’s left is a little touch-up on those bald spots.

Thatch: I could just do a comb-over, like your president.

Chiefy: Don’t be insulting. He paid a lot for that hair.

Thatch: He got ripped off.

Chiefy: Yeah.
Anyway, then I have to work on getting you rigged.

Thatch: So I can run the country like it’s my own business?

Chiefy: Not that kind of rigged.
Good one, though. High five!

Thatch: Don’t even think about showing me another dismembered body part!

Chiefy: I thought about it.


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