2018-07-23 Progress


Production notes:

So, did I make a hand for myself, or did I make myself into a hand? I love ambiguity.

Things are going well. Thatch is looking presentable now, but two big tasks remain: rigging him so he can assume different poses, and developing the other characters. I love the work, but it is time-consuming. There are less crashes now that I sort of know what I am doing; that’s progress, right?

Thank you for telling all your friends about Free Living Organisms. I really appreciate your support!


Chiefy: If all goes well, you will have another character to interact with by the time I finish your rigging.

Thatch: How long do we have to wait for that?

Chiefy: Til the cows come home, I guess.

Thatch: You’re creating a cow?

Chiefy: No, it’s a figure of speech.

Thatch: You have something against cows?

Chiefy: Cow and chicken has been done before.

Thatch: Right, right. And the Chiefy character?

Chiefy: I needed a hand, so I made myself one.

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