2018-08-06 bristles

Production notes:

I had a couple of happy accidents that led me to discover what I had been doing wrong with Thatch’s feather system. I am also tinkering with the image resolution. You will notice the improvement in next week’s comic.

Speaking of next week, I hope to be able to reposition Thatch by then. I have enabled movement of his eyelids, brows, and beak, as you can see. His wings and legs will be more complicated. That’s where the bones come into play. I am excited to have discovered these methods to make the animation easier, because it lets me devote more time to creating story lines.

I would like to increase the rate of these developments, and I imagine you would like that as well. What I need is more time in the day to learn new techniques and apply them. Thank you for being part of the team that makes that possible! Click on the Patreon button to find out more.

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Thatch: Oh my gods, I look like a bottle brush!

Chiefy: Trust me, it’s an improvement.

Thatch: Well, I don’t like being all bristly.

Chiefy: Working on it.

Thatch: What are you looking for back there?

Chiefy: I’m recording this for posterity.

Thatch: You will know my wrath, human.

Chiefy: Excuse me?

There. How does that feel?

Thatch: Huh. Actually, not bad.

So, what’s next?

Chiefy: Bones.

Thatch: Ooh, I like the sound of that.