2018-08-13 Tweaking

Production notes:

It’s true; there are a lot of details that need to be done correctly. Otherwise, the whole thing kind of falls apart. Rigging is complicated, and also worth doing right because a proper rig results in a character that can be posed easily. And it means the characters can potentially be animated without difficulty.

As you can see, I have upped the resolution substantially. I think the images look much better now. Once I get the wings functional, I will have time to work on adding the next character. I’m excited!


Thatch: Sweet!

If I could just bend a little more

Chiefy: We have a problem. You seem to have left your neck feathers behind.

There we go. I can see we have a lot of tweaking to do.

Thatch: Tweak away, boss! Let’s get these wings working.

Chiefy: No promises. Wings are complicated.

Thatch: No worries. I’ll be here, trying out my parts.