2018-08-20 Communication

Program notes:

This is beginning to sound like I am committing to a storyline. I haven’t begun to create Penn yet, although she has a well-developed existence in my imagination. I am doing at least one other character first, one that I hope is a little easier than Thatch has been.

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Thatch: Yeah, I’ve really been tied up.

I know, right?

That’ll be fantastic!

Great! OK. Bye.

Chiefy: Who was that?

Thatch: Penn.

Chiefy: Oh wow! I haven’t heard from her since…

Thatch: Yeah, it’s been over a year. She said she will try to come here in winter. She hasn’t seen snow for a long time.

Chiefy: Super! Was that a video chat?

Thatch: Yeah…

…but the connection was slow. I couldn’t see much. Looks like she lost a scale or two.

Chiefy: Oh no! Is she OK?

Thatch: Holding her own. She’s not soup.

Chiefy: That’s a plus. I can’t wait to see her.

Thatch: I imagine…

…we will all have to wait for you to learn how to draw her.

Chiefy: Erm… Uhm

Well yes, I mean um…