Inappropriate Questions

2018-09-10 inappropriate

Production notes:

I’m experimenting with a different format. What do you think?

This is my first try at creating a scene with two characters interacting. There are some techniques I have to master in order to keep the appearance of the characters consistent when I change the background, but this works for now.

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Thatch: Hey!
What’s this?

Muff: This is a dog, fool.

Thatch: I can see that. I mean… I can’t identify you with any certainty. Are you male or female?

Muff: That question is offensive.

Thatch: Oh. Um, sorry. I was just curious. I have a need to know.

Muff: Learn to live with ambiguity. How about we change the subject.

Thatch: Nice weather?

Muff: Too hot. I gotta go.

Thatch: OK. Hey, what’s your name?

Muff: I’ll tell you when you need to know.


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