2018-09-17 Destruction

Production notes:

So far, I have been able to meet my self-imposed deadline every week. Yay me! This week was a challenge. My main problem right now is determining the best method of bringing more than one character into a scene. I find that the character changes appearance when I move it to a different file. Clearly, I am missing something. I’m still learning. If you notice the visual “bugs” you can comment on them, but I have probably already found them.

I didn’t realize Thatch was so dark. Don’t worry, I’m sure he’s harmless. Or, if not, I guess we will find out. But no, he’s definitely completely harmless, probably.

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Thatch: ‘Sup

Muff: ‘Sup.

The name’s Muff. You’re Thatch, right?  I heard you were plotting to destroy humanity.

Thatch: Nasty rumor.
Besides, that would be a waste of energy. They can manage their own demise.

Muff: Sad, isn’t it? They have potential.

Thatch: They’ll be gone like the dinosaurs in a century or less.

Muff: And where will that leave us? You know how our histories are intertwined.

Thatch: You ask the right questions, Muff. I think you and I can be friends.