Song of Thatch

2018-09-24 song of Thatch

Production Notes:

I didn’t realize Thatch was so poetic. He’s an optimist, but not about human beings. I had planned on doing a bit with Muff, but I ran into some complications in getting the mouth right. It isn’t so hard to do the individual parts, but making everything work together is more difficult. Anyway, if you like it, feel free to add a comment. Thanks!


Wake up, people. Look around. You’re all living on ground zero. You all think a hero’s coming. There will come no savior. Your behavior triggers Deadly change. The diggers beckon, And reckoning you find a fix,

All you do is mix and multiply worries. All will come in scurries of woe. Seek not the foe, ’tis thee. …

What? That’s just my way of saying good morning, my dear humans.

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