Muff Speaks

2018-10-02 Muff Speaks

Production Notes:

I struggled this week. There was an outrageous problem with Muff’s fur that had me talking to myself. Even more than I usually do. It finally fell together at the last minute, and I learned a little more about how the program’s hair system works. The struggle can be hard, but reaching a resolution feels good. I can’t be as optimistic about human beings as Muff is. Yes, there are some really good people, but they seem to have a lot of opposition. Maybe we are just in a stressful part of the cycle right now, and things will improve shortly. Or maybe we haven’t hit bottom yet. So, I will focus on the webcomic. I’m curious to see how Muff and Thatch evolve and interact with other characters, as they come along.


Dogs and humans are symbiotic. We have lived together for thousands of years. We were wolves and apes. We were competitors, but we changed each other into who we are now.

As a symbiont, I live with humans, but I am not owned. I let some humans share food and other stuff with me. One man leaves a way open so I can sleep in his garage.

Humans probably won’t die off in my lifetime. It will be sad if they do, though many will rejoice. Humans can’t be good dogs, but I hope they can become good people.

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