Good Old Days

Production Notes:

Muff is still waiting for their teeth. They’re just too polite to complain. The lips need some work, too, but I’m happy with the way the fur is turning out. Considering I can’t work on the webcomic every day, I still manage to keep improving my skills.

It’s true that I am pretty old. I am 10, in dog years.


Muff: You’re pretty old. Tell me what it was like in the “good old days”

Chiefy: “Good”? Like when women couldn’t get hired for most jobs?
Like when discrimination against people of color was legal and expected?
Like when you you had to pretend sexual abuse and wife beating didn’t exist? And don’t even get me started on how gays were treated!

Muff: I guess that was really bad. But you had Elvis.

Chiefy: We had the freakin’ King!


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