Muff Grows Teeth


Production Notes:

Those teeth wouldn’t have taken me so long, if I had known what I was doing. I am content with how they came out. Now on to Muff’s rigging so they can assume different poses, and we can get moving on the storyline. The characters in my head are getting restless.


Chiefy: There. What do you think?

Muff: I think you’re not a bad cartoonist, for a dentist.

Chiefy: I’m not a den… Oh. Very funny.
Let me just…


Muff: What?

Chiefy: Messed up your fur. Just a minute…

Muff: Is that why my nose was cold?

Chiefy: No doubt.
Now show me your angry face.

How do you feel?

Muff: Hungry!


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