Mini Whales

2018-11-12 mini whales

Production Notes:

Thatch is very ambitious. In spite of his confidence, there is no danger of him actually catching a whale. He avoids puddles, so I can’t picture him going to sea. Although I could see him throwing a harpoon.

Dwarf sperm whales are protected, as are all whales. It is not known if they are endangered, due to the difficulty of observing them in the open ocean. For more information, see MarineBio. Have fun, and please don’t eat the whales.


Thatch: Did you hear they have discovered a new species of whale? They are very small, about the size of jumbo shrimp. I’d like to get my feet on some of those.

Chiefy: You mean dwarf sperm whales? They’re like three meters long.

Thatch: OK, more jumbo than shrimpy. Still, they’re probably delicious.

Chiefy: You can’t eat them. They’re a protected species.

Thatch: That doesn’t make them inedible.



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