2018-11-26 afterlife



Production Notes:

I know. It’s a long dialogue to reach a rather anticlimactic punchline. Hey, I’ve been around a long time. I am not required to always be hilarious, and sometimes Muff has a lot to say. They’re mindful. Hey, I just realized that Muff may have gotten some of their philosophy from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

You might consider this to be an exercise in how many words I can pack into a comic strip. I don’t know if getting so philosophical works in this format, but we will see how it plays. I eagerly await your thoughtful comments.


Thatch: What do you think happens to your consciousness after you die?

Muff: That’s like asking where the flame goes when a candle quits burning.

Thatch: Sure, I get that, but I am more complicated than a candle flame. My life influences many other lives.

Muff: Well, the effects of those influences continue on in those lives.  That may be part of you, but it’s not conscious. I don’t think that influence is what you think of as “you”

Thatch: So nothing continues on?

Muff: If part of me continues to function, then I haven’t ceased to function, have I. Why call it death, then?

Thatch: Let me try this: If I’m not who I think I am, who am I?

Muff: Maybe you’re a way for the cosmos to be aware of itself.

Thatch: Oh, you’re quoting Carl Sagan.

Muff: Really? Cool.

Thatch: So when I die the cosmos loses that particular bit of awareness.

Muff: No. That awareness existsin the past.

Thatch: But I can’t access the past.

Muff: Not after you die, no. But it exists. No one can erase the past.

Thatch: Or stop the future.

Muff: Exactly. It exists.

Thatch: You should be a preacher.

Muff: No way. I don’t wear suits.


2018-11-05 Muff on voting

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