Why Not

2018-12-10 why not



Production Notes:

There are, indeed, feral chickens, as well as feral dogs. I don’t know which would prevail in a fight. In any case, I do not condone violence, so let’s hope it never comes to that. Seriously, Thatch and Muff tend to battle with their wits rather than tooth and claw, so I don’t worry about them shedding blood.


Muff: So, what? You don’t think dogs are as good as chickens?

Thatch: No, no, it’s not like that! See, we chickens are jungle fowl. Dogs are more domesticated, dependent on humans.

Muff: Oh, really? I haven’t seen any feral chickens around.

Thatch: Hey, I’ll put feral chickens against feral dogs any time!

Chiefy: What’s up, peeps?

Muff: Just discussing who should be in charge of humans.

Chiefy: Excuse me?

Thatch: No worries, Chiefy, we got it.

2018-11-05 Muff on voting

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