Bad Pic

2019-05-13 bad pic



Production Notes:

Thatch is easily amused. He’s right, though—Muff does look pretty weird in that photo. That was my bad. I was tweaking Muff’s hairdo and things went awry. You have to admit the final result is amazing, right?


Thatch: Hey, I like your new look.

Muff: Yeah, thanks, I…

Thatch: What’s that?

Muff: Oh.
That’s a head shot. We were experimenting…

Thatch: Oh my gods! That’s astounding!

Muff: Rhmm

Thatch: Ha! Were you trying out for The Walking Dead?

Muff: Funny. See, the hair stylist…

Thatch: Was named Frankenstein?

Muff: Rrrrrrgh

Thatch: Did your face explode?

Muff: Rrrrrrrrrrm


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